The mysterious unknown Roof of the World, hidden and unreachable behind the highest mountains in the world's highest plateau mesmerized the few travelers whose accounts gained them fame. The new travel aficionado is still drawn by the authentic Tibetan Buddhist culture, the surrealist mountain terrain where the Potala Palace overlooks mythical Lhasa and the monasteries clinging to stark mountain tops. Despite travel restrictions, a recognized tour operator can arrange tours to this once-forbidden land. The Lhasa-Kathmandu Overland tour and the spectacular one hour flight to Lhasa is an unforgettable Himalayan journey taking you to or from this destination, an experience extending beyond the expected. The Tibet visit surely surpasses the wildest conjecture in one's imagination. Join our exclusive tours to this mythical Shangrila.

13 days

Mt. Kailash & Manasarovar Lake Trek

The tour offers rigorous overland driving, trekking and camping, passing…

13 Days
5600 m
10 days

Everest Base Camp Trek from Tibet

10 Days
5200 m
08 days

Tibet Overland Tour

08 Days
4350 m

Mustang Trekking,

02 - 14 / 12